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The debut album by Julie and The Wrong Guys sees Sackville’s eclectic songwriter turning her amp back up to 10…or 11.

Julie Doiron doesn’t want to be pigeonholed. While her discography covers everything from soft, poetic, lean-closer-to-hear-what-I’m-saying songs to full-on head banging ear-ringers, it’s the soft stuff that seems to stick in people’s minds.  But all that’s about to change.

After releasing a pair of 7” singles with The Wrong Guys, a group she started in 2011 with bandmates Eamon McGarth, Mike Peters and Jaye Schwarzer, the band finally found time to make a full album. Their self-titled, full length debut is set to drop September 8 via Dine Alone Records.

“I come from a noisy, energetic background playing in Eric’s Trip,” said Doiron. “It’s kind of ironic that people refer to me as a solo performer or singer-songwriter because that’s not what I feel that I do. I made a couple of quiet records after Eric’s Trip broke up because I didn’t want to try to replicate it. Then I played with The Wooden Stars and made two quiet records after that. Every time I’ve ended a collaboration I’ve done that, and people still pigeonhole me as a singer-songwriter, but I love playing loud, heavy music.”

And as far as loud, heavy music is concerned, Doiron is in good company for this project. With McGarth, an Edmonton-born country/punk troubadour, active solo performer and known collaborator handling lead guitar, and Peters and Schwarzer – the rhythm section from Toronto’s hardcore/metal heayweights Cancer Bats offering a thundering foundation, Julie and The Wrong Guys’ debut offers a strong balance between weight and melody. The guitars and huge, the rhythm is massive, and Doiron’s voice seems right at home in the midst of it all.


1) Love and Leaving
2) You Wanted What I Wanted
3) Condescending You
4) Heartbeats
5) Tracing My Own Lines
6) Calling My Own Shots
7) Farther From You
8) Calm Before The Storm
9) Broken Pieces-Barely Cold
10) Hope Floats

Julie & The Wrong Guys self-titled debut LP will be release on September 8th on Dine Alone. It is available for preorder here. 

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