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‘Narcissus’ is the haunting debut EP by Fredericton musician Jane Blanchard.

Photo by Reuben Mark Stewart.

Jane Blanchard is known to many as a member of David in the Dark where she contributes vocals and keyboards to the popular Fredericton rock ensemble, but on her debut EP Narcissus, Blanchard steps out on her own with a three song collection that bears little resemblance to her other projects, positioning her as a new and important emerging voice within the Fredericton music community.

Despite clocking in at just under ten minutes, Narcissus is a solid introduction for Blanchard, combining the subtle feel of a bedroom recording with edgy arrangements that challenge the EP’s otherwise melancholic feel to create a poetic contrast full of dynamic starts, stops and punches. The EP was recorded in Fredericton by Dylan Ward at the ShiftWork Studio.

“I wanted to create a debut EP that was diverse,” said Blanchard. “These three songs reflect that while still maintaining the raw and honest sound that I was aiming for. I have a lot of slower songs, but as I write more I’m beginning to write some more upbeat, heavier tracks. This EP is a reflection of the softer sound achieved in the sets as well as an introduction to the heavier material we are getting into.”

Blanchard is joined on this recording by drummer Stefan Westner (David in the Dark) who gives effective accompaniment to Blanchard’s stripped down guitar work without challenging the important place her vocals play within the mix.

“The songs achieve much more depth when Stefan is playing,” said Blanchard. “He is very aware of the dynamics and sensitivities with my songs and he’s done an amazing job of learning and playing the sets. It’s always great to have someone to bounce ideas back and forth with too.”

Narcissus is a great example of how the simplest instrumentation can work effectively to create a balanced, engaging listening experience. Highly recommended.

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