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After ten years of touring and recording, Bad Omens proves Hard Charger are still on top of their game.

by Molly B.
Artwork by Adam Kindred

Local punk legends Hard Charger adhere to only one rule at every show: Play harder, and play faster. Throughout the years, drummer Tom Blizzard, guitarist Dave Cook and bassist Shawn Smith have consistently done just that. Touring the globe with their unique brand of face-melting extreme music – a breakneck combination of hardcore punk and thrash metal – Hard Charger has won respect as a major contender in the underground scene, both at home and abroad. And now, they’re returning with a new album, the blistering, vicious and aptly titled Bad Omens, to be released vinyl and CD versions June 20th on Wasted Time Records/Vleeslak Records with a forthcoming cassette release on No List Records. I’m not good at album reviews but upon listening to this record, I said that I wanted it inside my body and I stand by that wholeheartedly.

I recently sat down and spoke to Hard Charger in advance of their album release, just before the beginning of their new summer tour. Formed in 2006, through ten years and some line-up changes, the members feel that the band’s sound has remained consistent. They stay true to their craft because they’re not looking to convert anyone. They play exclusively for those people who want to hear fast and heavy music. The band feels good about Fredericton’s local scene, as though things may be on the upswing.  There is no room for nostalgia, says Cook, when it comes to Hard Charger. The only complaint they have is a desire to see more bands in Fredericton, as it would create better and more diverse bills, which could result in larger turnouts.

The band lives together in a house on Regent Street affectionately known as the Maniac Mansion, and have recently been hosting several shows in their basement. This has been very successful and they appreciate how it allows more money to support the touring band, as well as a place for those bands to crash, feel safe and have fun.  The shows held here are chaotic, boozy house parties that help to foster a sense of community, familiar faces enjoying the fruits of Hard Charger’s time and labour.

Hard Charger will touring the east coast of the US beginning on June 23rd and then heading out to the west coast in August/September. They all agree that they love touring and that even the worst days on tour are often better than the best spent at home. The quintessential road warriors, the band is eager to return to Mexico, a place that they hold dear to their hearts. The reason? As Smith explains, and the others readily agree, in Mexico the food situation is perfect. He tells me that even when you can barely understand somebody, they’re giving you food every 20 minutes and making sure you’re taken care of and comfortable.  Drummer Tom Blizzard acts as tour manager, booking all of their shows, a task that can be quite daunting. He does note that many scenes overseas are very organized and they always get fed, get free drinks, and a place to sleep. In North America, that’s not necessarily a rarity, but it isn’t expected.

Hard Charger is at the top of their game. They’ve just released the strongest and best sounding release of their career and are poised to become one of the most important underground punk bands on the east coast, throughout Canada and abroad. Through hard work and dedication to craft, the band is sharper and tighter than ever before. This machine is driving full speed ahead to a town near you, and make no mistake: it’s set to crush, kill and destroy everything in its path.

Hard Charger on Tour:

June 23rd Lowell, MA
June 24th Providence, RI
June 23rd Manchester, CT
June 26th Brooklyn, NY
June 27th Albany, NY
June 28th Philly, PA
June 29th New Castle, DE
June 30th Baltimore, MD
July 1st Richmond, VA
July 2nd Chapel Hill, NC
July 3rd Atlanta, GA
July 4th Asheville, NC
July 5th Harrodsburg, KY
July 6th Detroit, MI
July 7th Toronto, ON
July 8th Ottawa, ON
July 9th Sherbrooke, QC

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