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Matt Carr and Ryan Barrie have released a new single from their rock duo Too Bad Jim. Listen to How Does It Feel? and catch the group on stage this weekend with The Mahones. 

Matt Carter 

As far as rock groups in Fredericton go, Too Bad Jim is one of the city’s youngest. Or maybe newest is a better way to describe them. Formed early this year, the group features guitarist/vocalist Matt Carr and drummer Ryan Barrie. Both musicians should be well-known to local audiences. Carr is the frontman and voice of local blues rockers The Tortoise, The Hare & The Millionaire. And Barrie, a founding member of Wicked Vices, also plays regularly with Kylie Fox’s band. 

Too Bad Jim made their debut in May of this year with the dirty, guitar driven, foot stomper, All the Way to Mexico. Recorded by Dylan Ward and mastered by Jay Merrill, the single introduced a new template for Carr and Barrie to explore minimalist rock with maximum punch.

Last weekend the duo shared their second single, How Does it Feel?. Continuing down the path set by their debut, How Does it Feel? is a dirty, distorted, raw sounding single that brings to mind images of fast cars, empty cans of ‘Pine, greasy denim jackets, and teenagers flippin’ the bird. It’s a total throwback to the days when rock first found its edge. Not quite garage rock and not exactly blues rock, this is Dirt Rock in its purest form. 

“How Does It Feel? stemmed from a text from me to Matt one night after a few beers at MOCO,” said Barrie. “I had what I thought was a hook pop into my head and I wrote down the lyrics and sent them to Matt, and we jammed something on it shortly after.”

Too Bad Jim will join New Glasgow, NS country rockers StoneHouse this Saturday at the Broken Record Bar & Music Room in support of returning headliners and Canadian Celtic rock legends, The Mahones. 

The Mahones + StoneHouse + Too Bad Jim | November 26 | Broken Record | View Event

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