New Music from Mike Trask

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Detroit Diesel is the latest single from Mike Trask and the first from his forthcoming album Landing Day due out later this year. 

Matt Carter 

Mike Trask’s music isn’t always easy to sum up in a few short lines. It deserves much more than I can communicate in any short piece of writing. For me, this is part of what makes each new release from Trask as much an act of education as it is an enjoyable ride. This is not to say he is a musician in flux searching for his sound. Trask knows exactly what he is doing. Everything he puts out into the world bears his signature gruff vocal delivery with storylines often accented with a touch of humour. Paired with infectious rhythms that sidestep complexity to favour the universal appeal of a good toe-tapper, Trask’s songs and the music that surrounds them are hard not to love and his latest single, Detroit Diesel, is a testament to this undeniable fact. 

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