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Elevate The Virus introduces new vocalist with latest single and lyric video for ‘Ramshackle’. 

Matt Carter

The lyric video has been a real gift to bands that play grindcore and extreme metal and crust, and really anything where the intensity of the melody is being matched in intensity by a vocalist. As vocal styles have evolved alongside these genre’s massive riffage, even the most diehard metal fans can sometimes be at a loss for what exactly they’re thrashing out to. The lyric video (or really, YouTube) have truly changed the game. In some ways, they are the Rosetta Stone of today’s heaviest music.

Saint John’s Elevate The Virus are supporting their new single, Ramshackle, with an accompanying lyric video that also serves to reinforce the debut of the band’s new singer Cujo Bonvie. With Ramshackle, the band directs some serious and well-deserved anger towards governments and corporations for their lack of responsibility when dealing with environmental issues. It’s angry stuff, delivered above a complex mix of changing rhythms that shift between classic thrash and more progressive groove metal. 

When it comes to the band’s musical core, Elevate The Virus are extremely good at what they do. The lack of predictability that made the band’s 2018 full-length debut ‘Derelict’ such an exciting listen continues with this latest single. And while Bonvie’s vocals appear to be a solid fit for this tight ensemble, Ramshackle lacks a bit of the depth that can be heard on the band’s previous material. That said, Bonvie has proven himself in several groups prior to joining ranks with ETV and will no doubt settle comfortably into his new role in time. I’m already curious to hear what’s coming next. 


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