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Electro dance ensemble Digital Circus broadens the local scene’s sonic identity with beats and grooves and unwavering confidence in the music they make.

Matt Carter 

You know what?  There is just not enough original dance music around here. And I say this as someone who can’t dance. Or doesn’t dance, or care about dancing. But I do care about diversity in the scene and recognize the importance of making space for new sounds and ideas. With the exception of SHRIMP RING and perhaps Stephen Lewis & the Big Band of Fun, it can be tough to do your own thing and build an audience in the process. But with their new EP, Interstellar Connection, Fredericton electro rock outfit Digital Circus stands to break that mold. With their traditional approach to band configuration – they are not just a group of musicians staring into the screen of their laptops – Digital Circus presents electronic based music in a way that feels familiar (bass, drums, guitar, synth) despite existing in a galaxy far, far away. But groove is groove, and with their latest release, Digital Circus brings it.

The five songs that make up Interstellar Connection are full of all the textures you would expect to find on a release deemed, “electronic” for lack of a better description. There are key solos, tones for days, and a healthy variety in tempo and rhythm. Despite the group’s use of microKORG-esque voice manipulation, which can make interpreting the group’s lyrics a bit of an exhausting endeavour, Interstellar Connection is still a win. Five songs unlike anything else you are bound to hear coming out of Fredericton at this very moment. We should all be as confident in our identity as Digital Circus are in the music they make.


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