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‘Horseshoe Canyon’ is Mowery’s first solo album in seven years. 

Matt Carter

Adam Mowery has just released Horseshoe Canyon, his first solo album in seven years. That’s about how long he’s been living in Halifax, although he’s back in his hometown of Saint John just enough for it to feel like he still lives in the province. 

As with almost his entire catalog, the eight songs on Horseshoe Canyon possess a strange familiarity. While being distinct in composition and overall style, his writing captures many familiar forms without ever sounding fabricated or phony. He is one of the few songwriters who’s honest love for music can be heard in everything he writes. 

The Girl With No Tattoo, Floyd on 45 and Carol Cane are great examples of Mowery’s simple, direct songwriting. His ability to maintain a storyline at the centre of a song without ever losing the narrative through cloudy wordplay or deep innuendo gives his work a true sense of authenticity and honesty, while songs like Risk Factor and Pilcher’s Flowers serve to highlight his ear for composition and melodic subtlety. 

On Horseshoe Canyon, Mowery handles everything: writing, recording and producing. The album was mastered by Corey Bonnevie and is available now through Monopolized Records. 

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