New Music from Deep Fryer

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Stream the debut EP from Fredericton hardcore legends-in-the-making in advance of its official release next week.

Matt Carter
Photo: Ashley Erb

Hold the press! If you have already started to compile your Best of 2016 lists, you best hold up and give a listen to the debut EP from Deep Fryer. A pleasing dose of weight and humour, recorded, mixed & mastered just weeks ago at Ancient Temple Recordings by Scott Miller, this four-track EP blends the overdriven tones of early 80s LA punk with contemporary hardcore/metal rhythm and vocals to give a fresh take on a tired genre desperately in need of some new ideas.

The group’s lineup includes a trio of Fredericton musicians whose combined recorded output includes everything from folk and pop to indie rock and straight-up metal. Jake Spencer (bass), JE Sheehy (guitar) and Kyle Clark (drums) are joined by heckler-turned-frontman Mike Erb who appears to have found his true calling screaming into a microphone.

Here’s hoping for a live show in the near future. In the meantime, these four jams will do the trick.

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