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Cellarghost guitarist Colin Bonner will debut his new project this week with a performance at Bellwether, Thursday May 18.  

Aminal is a new project from Cellarghost guitarist Colin Bonner. Last month Bonner posted the track Louis and recently announced the project’s live debut, planned for May 18 in Fredericton at Bellwether Consignment with Shit Whitman and Cat-Bug from Montreal.

“I recorded a number of songs myself and wanted a band to play live,” said Bonner. “I found two perfect people to play with in Aidan Bullock (Tortue/Chillteens) and Jerry-Faye Flatt (Brother-Faye). It’s great because we discovered our chemistry and stated writing pretty well immediately so we’ll record those songs next.”

Bonner has been writing songs since he first began playing music but for the most part, he has always kept them to himself.  For the past few years he’s kept busy writing and performing as a member of Cellarghost and credits the band’s recent EP Ritual as part of the inspiration behind his new project.

“I’ve been writing songs since I’ve been making music but I’m really shy about it and have normally only shared anything between a few people,” he said. “I love working collaboratively normally because it cuts the edge off I guess. This time it came naturally after what seemed to be like pulling teeth. I recorded all of these at home this winter with my Boss BR-600 finding a lot of inspiration after producing Ritual with Cellarghost.”

While the project’s low-fi sound is largely the result Bonner’s recording process (he played all the instruments and “pressed record myself”), it also helps add a distinct personality and character to his lyrics which touch on relationships past and present.

“It’s probably a coming of age cliché,” said Bonner, “but of all the songs are about my friendships and growing up. Lyrically they constantly flip-flop between super true and hugely false experiences.

“I’m not a super-fan by any means but most of the lyrics were written after being really struck by Harry, Ron, and Hermione’s companionship in the film, The Order of The Phoenix, one night this winter, which isn’t at all in any of the songs but it led to letting myself draw upon some pretty banal material.”

Louis is the first track from Aminal’s upcoming debut EP expected to be released later this summer.

Aminal + Shit Whitman + Cat-Bug | May 18, 2017 | 6:30 p.m. | Bellwether, 384 Queen Street, Fredericton

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