New exhibits going up this week at Gallery 78

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Enjoy two new exhibitions of work – Personal Encounters and Handpicked Prints – will be on display at Gallery 78, September 6-29.

A collage of work by Alan Grabelsky and Marilyn McAvoy (Personal Encounters).

Personal Encounters by Alan Grabelsky and Marilyn McAvoy is an exploration of figures through the artists’ individual vision and medium, namely serigraphs and oils on canvas respectively. Figures are depicted with abstraction in broad monochromatic strokes in Grabelsky’s serigraphs, then cast in an enchanting and mysterious glow in McAvoy’s oil on canvas paintings.

Prints take time and care to create. They are also called original multiples as this type of art making is as original as any painting yet often much more labour intensive. In Handpicked Prints, a charming collection of finely crafted prints by Lori Doody, Kath Kornelsen Rutherford, Robert Rutherford, and Vicki MacLean, each artist has a unique hand and each brings sensitivity to their work.

These exhibitions open Friday, September 6, and are on display until Sunday, September 29, 2019.

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