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Elegance, Serenity & Celebration: Joanne Hunt and Karen Burk present “In Full Bloom”.

ARMS WIDE OPEN by Joanne Hunt. 2020. Oil on canvas, 24 x 48 in.

Gallery 78 has announced its latest exhibition. In Full Bloom is a collection of paintings by Joanne Hunt and ceramics by Karen Burk. Inspired by the gradual unfurling of precious petals both in the light of day and the stillness of the night, visit online or step into the Gallery and let yourself be lost in their beauty.

Hunt’s ability to paint an array of colours into the fair, delicate white of the flower petals with multiple layers of small paint strokes, is unlike any other. She continues to be intrigued by the myriad of colours which she finds in each supposedly “all-white” flower.

“I am excited to share this collection of floral portraits as day turns into night. It is the first group to be inspired completely by offerings from my own garden,” said Hunt. “I watched them grow… Minding every new inch, leaf, and bud until all was revealed. In this challenging time, I hope they serve to lift spirits and help us all enjoy the exquisite beauty of nature.”

Karen Burk, whose lustrious and international career spans over four decades, has created magnificent, handcrafted porcelain bowls, platters, and vases in her signature colour palette. Each classic and timeless piece is adorned with flowers from lilies to magnolias, to orchids, and celebrate the grace and softness of each petal, leaf, and stem.

“This is the moment for a room full of flowers,” said Burk. “The moment for sourdough starter, isolation and Netflix has passed its peak, at least for a time. Flowers are celebratory. Let’s celebrate the awesome sense of community that we’ve seen in Canada, and particularly here in the Maritimes. Gallery 78 has prepared a room full of flowers and my pots are a proud part of that celebration.”

In Full Bloom is on display May 22 – June 13, 2020.

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