New Award Created in Memory of NB Musician

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The Jane LeBlanc Music Award will assist New Brunswick musicians in the recording and digital distribution of a new song.

Matt Carter 

The Jane LeBlanc Foundation has launched a new opportunity for New Brunswick musicians. The award valued at $2500 (in-kind services) will provide recipients with a professionally produced recording of a new song, including mastering, marketing and distribution to streaming services. 

Fredericton musician Cat LeBlanc is helping to lead this new initiative created in memory of her sister. 

“My sister was a singer and musician when she was younger. I often felt she was better suited for the music limelight than me as she had personality plus such charm while I was shy and awkward when performing,” said LeBlanc. “I guess she was more casual about it, so my parents spent a lot of time and energy supporting me in my music for most of my life in one way or another.”

Jane LeBlanc died of cancer in 2010. 

“She was a unique person who did so much when she was in her late teens and early twenties,” said LeBlanc. “She traveled the world, sailed to Africa and other countries, white water rafted and was a photographer as well. It almost seemed like she knew she would not live a full life because she lived a full life in her early life. The doctors believe that her brain cancer grew for years before it was discovered, so she may well have had it begin in her mid to late twenties, but it was only discovered when she was in her thirties.”

The Jane LeBlanc Music Award is the second award created in honour of LeBlanc, joining the Jane LeBlanc Filmmaker Award which is given out each year at Silver Wave Film Festival. 

“This new award honours my sister’s legacy, but it’s also my way to give back to the music community for all the help I have been given to get to where I am,” said LeBlanc. “I am fortunate to have Olivier LeBlanc and his studio Eastern Hive involved as well as other musicians who have offered to help.”

The award will be given out three times a year with the first deadline coming up in February. 

Full details on the award and how to apply can be found HERE

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