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The Pulp is a bi-monthly program highlighting “fringe sounds from the Drive Thru Province”.

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The Pulp is a program where we take a look at the underbelly of New Brunswick music and do our best to highlight some of the many artists and musicians creating outside the boundaries of mass appeal with the intent of proving, “Hey, this place ain’t so bad.”

While it’s still very much in the experimental stages, our hope is to include interviews with musicians, visual artists, festival curators, filmmakers and other creators whose art contributes to New Brunswick’s unique cultural identity, along with showcasing the wide range of sounds we as a province as producing. From where we stand, there’s a lot happening here and we see The Pulp as just one more way Grid City Magazine can shine a little light on the important work happening in the province – work that we believe needs to be shared and celebrated.

In the show notes of each episode we’ll share links to purchase music from the artists featured and encourage you to do so.

So yeah, we’ve taken the plunge and have jumped into the world of online audio. We hope you enjoy it.

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