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Nashville musician Rick Tiger performs at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre August 30.

For the better part of thirty years now, Louisiana native Rick Tiger has been living, writing and performing alongside countless other would-be career musicians who currently make their home in Nashville, Tennessee. Since relocating to Music City in 1991, Tiger has held numerous odd jobs to sustain him on his mission to become a successful songwriter. His first break came when the short lived country band Western Flyer included his song What Will You Do With M-E on their 1996 debut recording Back in America. Several songwriting credits would follow with acts like Montgomery Gentry and the Del McCourey Band recording Tiger’s songs for their own releases.

But success in the music business is often hard fought and short lived. Though he continued to write and found moderate success doing what he loved, Tiger continued to tend bar and even operated a hot dog stand for a time before deciding to take his music on the road.

Now with hundreds of house concerts to his credit and a single in regular rotation on Sirius XM (Uniforms, a track co-written with Lisa Richard and Jeff Wanex), Tiger is headed to New Brunswick for shows in Fredericton, Saint John and Renous.

For his performance at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre on August 30, Tiger will be joined by two New Brunswick songwriters, Lisa Richard and Cat LeBlanc.

Richard, a native of New Mills, NB, is an established country singer and has performed with Hal Bruce, Shirley Jackson, Matt Minglewood and Carson Downey, and recently performed in Nashville alongside Vince Gill and the Time Jumpers. This year she received five nominations 

Cat LeBlanc is known locally for her long-running association with the New Brunswick Filmmaker’s Co-op.  In recent years, LeBlanc has put her love for writing and performing at the forefront of her creative efforts and in January of this year she was awarded a three week residency at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity.

Rick Tiger + Lisa Richard + Cat LeBlanc | August 30 | Charlotte Street Arts Centre | 7 pm | View Event

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