Music Runs Through It presents: The Hypos Trio

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Josh Bravener, Justine Koroscil and Kelly Waterhouse of The Hypochondriacs will offer an intimate take on the band’s high energy songs January 17 at Corked Wine Bar.

The Hypochondriacs are quickly becoming a household name. Channeling both the raw energy of roots rock and roll and the balladeer storytelling of old time country music, the band’s exhausting live performances have earned them a loyal, dedicated fan-base.

This month, the Music Runs Through It performance series will welcome the band’s three vocalists – Josh Bravener, Justine Koroscil and Kelly Waterhouse – for a special trio performance at Corked Wine Bar on January 17.

In the fall of 2017, The Hypochondriacs released their debut full-length album, In 3/4.

The Hypos Trio | January 17 | Corked Wine Bar | 8 p.m. | View Event 

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