Multimedia Musicians Take to the Barracks

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Natalie Sappier and Nate Miller are two multimedia artists who will begin a musical two-week residency in Fredericton’s Soldiers’ Barracks.

Natalie Sappier and Nate Miller. Photo: Monica Smart

Samaqani Cocaqh, also known as Natalie Sappier, is a Wolastoq multi-disciplinary artist who comes from Tobique First Nation. Her work is influenced by her people and she carries sacred teachings through storytelling. She shares her journeys of ancestral roots and life in modern times. Sappier will collaborate with artist Nate Miller to create contemporary electronic music with the merging of Aboriginal influence, and with the community she will share spontaneous creativity inspired by people, culture, nature, and healing.
Sappier believes that art speaks all languages. “Stories break down walls and natural comfort starts to exist. When artists are in that room [the casemate], creativity is likely to be born.”

Nate Miller is a recording artist and professional drummer who founded Emanate 7 Productions in 2007. He has been involved in underground music scenes throughout Canada and now lives in Fredericton. Since being here, Miller promotes drum circles, instructs hand-drumming, and leads various spiritual drumming events. He also produces CDs for new age and healing artists. Miller says that he and Natalie “would like to perform our work at the casemate [at the Soldiers’ Barracks]. We could play what we created last year [during their 2015 residency] and create new music” as well. Miller recently became a Canadian citizen despite having lived all over the country for the past 30 years. Fredericton is his newest home of about 8 years. Says Miller: “Samaqani and I like to open our ears to all cultural musical influences.”

Sappier and Miller recently performed at Fredericton’s City Hall on National Aboriginal Day (June 21st). The duo will be performing and creating new music at the Soldiers’ Barracks for two weeks between August 8-21. The Fredericton Arts Alliance’s casemate is open daily: Monday-Saturday from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. and Sunday from 12 p.m. – 5 p.m.

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