Mike Biggar announces live recording

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Mike Biggar’s upcoming performance at the BMO Theatre will be captured for future release.

Matt Carter

Just a few months after winning the 2018 East Coast Music Award for Blues Recording of the Year for his album, Go All In, Quispamsis musician Mike Biggar has announced plans to record his first live album on November 2 at the BMO Theatre in Saint John.

“Growing up I loved the spontaneity, the raw, honest performance and the audience participation on live albums,” said Biggar. “Many of my favourite records are live albums, and I’ve always dreamed of recording one of my music. A number of people have asked me about this over the years, so I’m truly excited to see it finally come together.”

The idea to do a live recording came after Biggar was asked to perform as part of the theatre’s 2018-2019 Presenter Series. The original plan was to capture the performance on video but after the conversation shifted to capturing high-quality audio to support the project, Biggar took the opportunity as a chance to make a new album and involve his fans in the process.

“I have always loved the humanness and extra connection that live albums bring,” he said. “Those special ‘bonus’ elements about a live album that display the artist’s connection to the audience or give some special insight about the band you wouldn’t otherwise get – those have inspired me a lot in terms of how I try to make a connection with a live audience every time I play.  I even love the audio blemishes on some live records where the band or a singer kinda clams a note. Somehow there is something endearing about it for me. And honestly, for me the audience is like another member of the band or another instrument on the album. Their enthusiasm creates a special energy on a live record that I love.”

With enthusiastic support from his label Busted Flat Records, Biggar and his band have been busy reworking their music to fit the intimate theatre space and give a fresh take on songs new and old.

“We are sort of looking to those classic MTV Unplugged shows for some inspiration, so even though it’s a full band album, it will have a decidedly stripped down and relaxed vibe, which has made for a lot of fun in rehearsals as we have been kind of rearranging many of the songs from my last couple of albums to better fit the show and to create some new elements for listeners,” said Biggar. “And of course, we will have some brand new music as well.”

Mike Biggar (Live Recording) | November 2, 2018 | BMO Theatre – 112 Princess Street |  Saint John | $25 | View Event

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