Midweek Music Mix: Spotlighting New Releases from New Brunswick Artists

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This week we look at the latest releases from M3D14, Zachary Pellerin and Dans l’Shed. 

Matt Carter

M3D14 – Chaotic Things

Chaotic Things is the full-length debut from Fredericton electronic producer M3D14. The album is a collection of electronic compositions that could easily fit within the pixelated world of some online fantasy game with each track acting more as a temporary theme than a solid journey with a clear beginning, middle and end. That said, there are introductions and preludes that work to support some of the album’s large compositions and hint towards a deeper overall theme, although the digital release arrives without explanation as to what that theme might be. Perhaps that’s the point. Choose your own adventure?

Over a year in the making, the album’s range is unfortunately somewhat limited do to the fact that all eight tracks sound as if they were created using one of two main sonic palettes – heavy/fat synth leads and/or soft piano sounds. A criticism but not necessarily a fault.  

The standout track on Chaotic Things is definitely the album’s closer, Static Mind, the only vocal track on the album. Featuring emcee Godfather K’s unique delivery paired with M3D14’s production, this track is a major win and a great way to close out this debut.

ZILLEP! – Just A Dream

On Just A Dream, Moncton musician Zachery Pellerin does little to hide his love for catchy pop music, delivering ten tracks bursting with harmonies, catchy hooks and imaginary rock stances.

While holding steady in familiar territory, Pellerin does little to move the pop-punk/radio rock influences that define this album in any new directions, but by skillfully employing just about every time-tested, feel-good formula to his advantage, plotting new avenues seems of little importance. Just A Dream is easy, convenient listening and who doesn’t need a healthy dose of that every once in a while?

Dans l’Shed – Les Sessions Liégeoises

Another in a long line of great recordings from lesser known Acadian acts, Les Sessions Liégeoises is the fourth release from Gaspesian group, Dans l’Shed. Recorded in Belgium, the album was released May 3 via the Acadian label Le Grenier Musique and though it’s not technically a New Brunswick release (or maybe is it technically a New Brunswick release?) I have such limited opportunity to talk about the music coming out of this Moncton-based label that I felt I could make an exception. 

For this recording, the members of Dans l’Shed chose to revisit four songs from the group’s first three albums plus a track by the Belgian group Dalton Telegramme whose members also contributed to this recording.

With banjo, dobro, stompbox, upright bass and all manner of roots friendly instrumentation at the ready, Dans l’Shed deliver an outstanding recording full of hummable melody lines and toe-tapping energy.

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