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Spotlighting three new releases from New Brunswick artists. This week we look at two new ambient music releases plus new tunes from Saint-Jack.

Matt Carter

Mitchie Dagger – Ambientoid

A bit of a riff on 80s horror film soundtracks, Ambientoid starts off as Stranger Things meets Halloween before finding its identity in creating a series of unsettling transition pieces, like those moments of suspense in a film before something horrific happens. With sparse melodies and pulsing rhythm, this collection finds its strength in tension, never truly carrying us all the way through to the main event. Very cool.

Saint-Jack – Nouveau Brunswick

More 4-track majesty from Mr. Prolific myself, Jean-Étienne Sheehy. This latest collection from his writing project Saint-Jack takes a turn in a new direction, leaving behind the folk, alt-rock influence that shaped the first few releases from this project to make room for more uptempo tunes in a Ramones sorta way. Turn on the drum machine and hold on! PS: This may not be online for too long so check it out while you still can.

Hue/You – It Was A Joy

A collection of sound experiments created on prepared guitar (which can mean anything from sticking playing cards between the strings to attaching any number of gizmos to the body), It Was A Joy’s eight tracks play through like eight variations on a single theme, never really moving beyond the first established set of tones. Not a failed experiment, but not much of a journey either. Still, an interesting listen for anyone who prefers to avoid standard formulas.

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