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Spotlighting three new releases from New Brunswick artists. This week we look at new music from Sean Desmond, BRUCE and Tommy Bulger.

Matt Carter

Sean Desmond – Spontaneous Idolatry

On his latest EP, Sean Desmond throws a little gas on the pleasant expectations often thrust upon the world of folk music. Spontaneous Idolatry is low-fi and loose, full of dissonance and contrast and rich with curiosity. It’s not a recording that delivers instant satisfaction. Desmond makes the listener really work hard for it, switching from beat poetry on The Factory to defused 80s love balladry on Sighing to the off-key prayers, rambles and field recordings of From Patridge Island. Spontaneous Idolatry is a odd collection of homemade recordings, fragmented ideas and experimentation. Fun, confusing and free.

BRUCE – Wobbly H in the Basement of Death

Moncton’s BRUCE remind us why so many refer to the Hub City as Punkton. Another in an endless line of punk fueled garage rock releases to emerge from the city, Wobbly H in the Basement of Death is just what you’d expect – nasty vocals, dirty guitars and an edge of aggression – all delivered in true basement recording fashion.


Tommy Bulger – Tommy Bulger

The debut full-length album from Robertville songwriter Tommy Bulger mixes French and English lyrics with a powerhouse band to create highly polished rock anthems for your fall/winter listening enjoyment. With its simply catchy melody lines and occasional welcomed breaks in forward momentum (Bleu and La linge), this radio-ready self-titled debut is just about as strong as could be.

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