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Spotlighting three new releases from New Brunswick artists. This week we look at new music from Zachary Steven Greer, Pallmer and a collection of in-studio recordings from Local 107.3 FM.

Zachary Steven Greer – Apparitions

Here are three instrumental tracks with a distinct eerie feel. Described as “a brief encounter with three phantoms”, these compositions by Fredericton musician Zachary Steven Greer are presented as a Halloween themed trilogy. A Walk In The Moonlight, Deranged  and Trick or Treat carry the listener through three stages of All Hallow’s Eve. Though somewhat time sensitive (being Halloween and all), Apparitions demonstrates Greer’s ability to capture mood and feel with confidence.  A perfect soundtrack for your candy collecting pleasure.

Pallmer – Blocking Time

Pallmer make their debut with the single Blocking Time. The project – a duo of cellist/vocalist Emily Kennedy and violist Mark Kleyn  – finds its strength in simple looped melodies with occasional counterpoint voicing. Both the title track and the B-side Salt and Lavender find Kennedy and Kleyn exploring simple pop inspired melodies to great effect with Kennedy’s voice sitting confidently above it all. Recorded at CHSR by Indigo Poirier, Blocking Time is an intimate introduction made all the more unique by the atmospheric room sounds and distant conversations hidden in the mix. Hoping to hear more from these two.

Local 107.3 FM – Live From Local FM #1

Ok. Why don’t more stations do this? What a smart fundraising idea. As the title suggests, this 11 track collection highlights several in-studio performances recorded at the station over the past summer. Live From Local FM #1 features tracks from Shrimp Ring, Terre Wa, Sadie, Wrote, Dumpster Cub and others. Released as part of the station’s current fund drive, this collection helps demonstrate the value community radio can play in supporting and documenting local music. Pick up a copy and support one of the province’s vital independent broadcasters.

If you have new music on the way and would like to be considered for a future edition of Midweek Music Mix, send us the details at gridcitymagazine(at)gmail.com

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