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Spotlighting new releases from New Brunswick artists. This week we look at new music from Bad Human, Irving Spoil Company and HOWL.

Matt Carter

HOWL – a collection of songs

Nothing to see here. Just a 31 track album of predominantly punk inspired material from the Saint John band Howl. With occasional forays into pop, drone and alt- country territory, a collection of songs is truly a mixed bag full of heavy riffs, feedback and scattered ideas. With tracks ranging from 16 seconds (I Don’t Care) to 13:20 (Sunshine on a Dying Man) HOWL give it all and do it all. The perfect soundtrack for an all night drive or the most stressful yoga class you could imagine.

Standout Track: Ann Compton vs. Alex


Irving Spoil Company – Self-titled

I love this. It’s gritty, noisy, chaotic, obnoxious garage punk delivered through a mix of programmed and real instruments. The playing is not at all tight and the timing and phrasing between vocals and instruments is at times, a hot mess.

But none of these traits actually take away from this debut from Irving Spoil Company, and to be totally honest, there are some really interesting things going on throughout these tracks. 2-4, the EP’s opener starts off as a straight ahead singalong anthem before taking a wild and unexpected turn in its last 10 seconds; Shower Scene includes a vocal sample which sounds like it was lifted from a some 12 Step Program; and the closing track Dennis Oland is Guilty deserves a few props based on its name alone.

If your interests lean towards the fringes, this EP deserves your time.

Standout Track: Shower Scene

Bad Human – Self-titled

If you’ve been following along with this series exploring many of the new sounds being made here in New Brunswick, you may have noticed the abundance of musicians making music that defies traditional categorization – those sounds and ideas that exist far beyond convention. If you’re at all interested in discovering new sounds, these are exciting times.

But we all need balance in our lives and that’s what we get with the debut self-titled EP from Bad Human. It’s a shot straight down the middle of the genre we all know and love – rock and roll.

Despite the guitar and vocals swaying in and out of tune on occasion, Bad Human’s five tracks are confidently driven forward by fuzzed out bass lines and familiar rock structures. An overall fun and enjoyable listen and a welcomed debut.

Standout Track: Supernatural

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