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Spotlighting new releases from New Brunswick artists. This week we look at new music from Nihilist, Internal Night and The Atlantix.

Matt Carter

Nihilist – Dead Last

Every once in a while I come across a release that makes me wonder, can it get much more aggressive? The debut EP from Fredericton’s Nihilist answers that question with a resounding yes. Without relying strictly on BPM or the usual breakneck exchanges between two more-than-able guitar players to convey urgency, Dead Last gets the point across with gutsy guitar tones and rock solid rhythm that hold steady in the mid-tempo range. It’s breakdowns and mosh breaks served up as the main course. 110% in your face.

Internal Night – The Unseen

Saint John psych-rock outfit Internal Night have released a new single, their first since 2017’s Mechanisms of Mind EP. The Unseen is the first single from the band’s forthcoming debut album. Slow and predictable in its delivery, the track seems a little lifeless and formulaic. It moves through verse, bridge, verse, bridge, solo, and outro without any real excitement. It’s like spaghetti sauce without the tomato – you can still enjoy it although you can’t help but feel like something’s lacking. Still, I’m looking forward to hearing the full album when it comes out later this year.

The Atlantix – Broken Hearts and Battered Guitars

Dirty rock and roll from Moncton. The Atlantix are a three-piece band and another in a long line of punk inspired acts from the Hub City with a lineup that includes members of  Sonic Hertz, The Real Vaughn Harveys, Rock’n Rebels and Treble Kings. There are a couple of stand-out tracks on this 5-track EP. Bullet For A Bad Man and 80s Action Movie, one song and one instrumental, are easy picks. While there isn’t really anything new happening on Broken Hearts and Battered Guitars, it’s still a fun 10 minutes and 12 seconds I didn’t mind losing from my day.

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