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Spotlighting new releases from New Brunswick artists. This week we look at new music from Helm, FractalCode and Cursing & Swearing. 

Matt Carter

Helm – Creeper

Helm are back in business. The doom-stoner-psych-metal-call-them-what-you-will trio sprung back into action earlier this month with their first live performance in a few years, and have since shared the EP Creeper, which includes a few previously available tracks and a few new ones. Built around some HUGE Sabbath-esque riffs that expand and contract with extreme might, Helm prove themselves to be one of New Brunswick’s heaviest and best kept secrets.

Cursing & Swearing – self titled

A new three-piece, feminist, dance-rock outfit with members of Shrimp Ring, Little You Little Me and the Shipyard Sirens? Two basses, vocals and a drum machine spitting lines like, “It’s really not a secret that I do love dick, I just hate when it’s attached to a fuckin’ prick.” Sign me the F up!

FractalCode – Psychotrophic

The debut EP from FractalCode is a pretty wild ride. Four smart, down-tempo, highly economic compositions that avoid the sonic clutter often associated with debut electronic releases, Psychotrophic succeeds in taking a minimalist approach. Cleverly manipulated vocal samples, sporadic beats and occasional breaks and pauses all help to make this an impressive debut well worth a second listen.  

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