Marie-Ange feat. Not Now, Madame – Live at Flourish

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Watch a live performance of the song, ‘Red Crow’ captured at Shiftwork Studios during the 2020 Flourish Festival.

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It’s been a little over a year now since singer/keyboardist Marie-Ange Zoghaib teamed up with drummer Cam Corey and guitarist Glen Love, looking to take her songwriting in a new direction. Performing together as Marie-Ange feat. Not Now, Madame, this trio has quickly grown from simply being ‘a new band’ to one of the most exciting new additions to the local scene, driven by Zoghaib’s powerful voice and the musically dynamic pairing of Corey and Love. 

During the recent (mostly) digital edition of Flourish, the trio recorded a live performance at Shiftwork Studio, and last week they shared the song ‘Red Crow’, taken from that session.

“I wrote the song after finding some interesting graffiti on Prospect Street,” said Zoghaib. “Someone had scribbled in Sharpie, ‘red crow, 30 mins, I disappear, sunset’. 

“About a week before I noticed the writing, I saw a man pedaling along the same road. He had a sign stating he was suffering from terminal cancer and didn’t have much time left. Once I saw the graffiti, I thought it was that fellow. It felt like a suicide note. Whether his story is true or not, I’m not sure. I just know that I found it harrowing and I had to write something about him. I mean, in theory, he could be any of us. Any one of us could wind up in his position, in his story,” she said.

Marie-Ange feat. Not Now, Madame recently returned to Marshall Studios with the hope of completing their debut release before the end of the year. 

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Marie-Ange Zoghaib shares her journey from fledgling opera singer to leading an emerging pop/rock trio. 

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