Marc McLaughlin Shares New Single

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I Wish It Were Real is McLaughlin’s second single over the past year, arriving in advance of his debut EP due out this fall. 

Matt Carter 

In advance of his forthcoming EP due to arrive this fall, Fredericton-based musician Marc McLaughlin has shared his latest single, I Wish It Were Real, a dreamy, mid-tempo contemplation on existence and self identity. 

It’s about thinking or wanting to be different from the character that is inherently natural to you and more like an idealized version of yourself,” said Mclaughlin. 

Prior to this latest release, McLaughlin released a number of bedroom pop albums under the name Bleu, fully embracing the DIY aspect of music making.

For both of his latest singles, I Wish It Were Real and last year’s Under The Sun, McLaughlin decided to move out of his home studio to work with Golden Palm in Halifax.

“For this newer music, I’ve branched out into proper recording studios and worked with some other engineers though still recording partially at home as well,” he said. “For this song in particular, the bed tracks were recorded to an 8-track tape recorder by Alex Sheppard with overdubs recorded digitally at home by myself. All performances were written and performed by myself as I usually do, though I did have Alex play a guitar lick in there somewhere on this one.”

Before relocating to Fredericton, McLaughlin lived in Halifax where he performed as a member of Strongboy. He also lived in Newfoundland and remains a member of the group Weary, based in St. John’s. 


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