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New music from the Luke Wilson.

12606870_10153246349440588_639514580_nThis week, Cellarghost bassist Luke Wilson released the first track from his new project, Owen Wilson.

Clocking in at just 3:20, Paris, released January 27 via Bandcamp, is a great introduction to a lesser-known side of Wilson’s work as an artist.

“I’ve been writing and recording my own work since 2009,” said Wilson. “Mainly formative stuff that never left the hands of a few friends. Through university I wrote scores for and recorded a handful of pieces for various ensembles. One of these pieces is in the process of being rearranged for my new ensemble.”

Wilson handles all instruments and recording on Paris, but will be joined by two of his Cellarghost bandmates in his new live ensemble, debuting February 21 at Connexion ARC.

“This track is all me – an acoustic guitar, a classical, and an electric,” he said. “I will be performing my new works as a trio with bass and drums. The ensemble will be Carter Boyle on bass and Charles Harding on drum set. At the show, we will be performing Paris as well as premiering a new song cycle I wrote last summer.

“Other acts performing on the 21st include XXVII, a jazz saxophone duo from Halifax, and Angel of the Marriage of Contraries, a new industrial noise project from Maria Kitchen. All new stuff.”

Listen to Paris:

Owen Wilson + XXVII + Angel of the Marriage of Contraries | Connexion ARC | February 21, 2016 | 9 p.m. | $7 | View Event

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