Loveover return with new single, video and an EP on the way

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After nearly three years on the back burner, Loveover are back and plan to stick around for a while. 

Matt Carter

Call it a comeback or just a long overdue introduction, Saint John’s Loveover have reassembled after a few years apart. Last week the band shared their first single, If You Want, taken from their forthcoming debut EP, Worse Than Before. 

Loveover was a band we started in 2015 while still in high school,” said vocalist/guitarist Yurgos Elisseou. “We were active up until 2019 and then slowed down due to us all focusing on other bands.”

Every member of Loveover’s current lineup were part of the metalcore band Surface Wounds, who released a crushing four song debut back in the latter part of 2020, before placing that project on hold and regrouping to resurrect Loveover.

“Once COVID hit, it kind of cemented the band not being active until Surface Wounds decided to take a bit of a break,” said Elisseou. “Over this last winter we decided to record some songs we had written slowly over the last two years resulting in our new EP. Now with a new lineup, we have loads of plans for the future and plan to stay active again.”

The band are wasting no time reestablishing themselves and reconnecting with fans and friends. Along with the new single and the forthcoming EP, Loveover released a video in support of If You Want shot by prominent Saint John indie filmmaker Michael Mohan and directed by Strange Grooves collaborator and First Listen Zine founder Amelia Bailey

The video idea was a collaborative effort between me and the band,” said Bailey, who directed and styled the shoot. “In our first brainstorm session we threw around a few ideas, but pastel-pop-punk-party was the one we kept circling back to. We filmed everything at their jam space at Mayhem Studios with the incredible Michael Mohan. I had the whole video storyboarded so all we really had to do was set up and shoot. The only part that wasn’t planned was the ending with Yurgos in my jeep getting hit with a cake. But it all turned out great and the feedback has been so nice to hear.”

Worse Than Before arrives May 6.  The band will be playing an all-ages hometown release show the following week.

Upcoming Performances: 

Loveover + Botfly + Diner Drugs + Butcher | May 14 | Paris Crew | 7 p.m. | View Event


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