Loveover: New Video & Upcoming Shows

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Lonely Grave is the second single from Loveover’s latest EP, Worse Than Before.

Saint John’s Loveover has a new single and video out. Lonely Grave is the second single from the band’s May 2022 four-song release, Worse Than Before

Combining the irrefutable hooks of a pop punk earworm with a hefty dose of self reflective emo and the growling aggression of contemporary hardcore, Loveover’s latest stakes claim to a trifecta of youth culture staples.  The video, shot over a series of 2022 live performances in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia shows the band in action with audiences upfront and personal, exactly the way this music is best enjoyed. 

Upcoming Performances:

September 30 | Loveover + Book Buddies + Tortue + Gizmo | Broken Record Bar & Music Room | Fredericton, NB 
October 1| Loveover + Book Buddies + Gizmo | Radstorm | Halifax, NS
October 8 | Loveover, Book Buddies + Within Harms Reach | McGill’s | Saint John, NB


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