Look Over Here! Nudity!

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ShiftWork partners with Connexion ARC to present their next pop-up art show.

Grid City Magazine - NudesThe show is titled NUDES, and will feature new works created in response to the titular theme. Over a dozen emerging artists will be contributing artwork, created with a variety of media. The concept of nudity is open to interpretation, as the individual artist sees fit.

“The idea for a nudes show has been on the table for months in ShiftWork land,” said artist Penelope Stevens, “so it’s given everyone the chance to experiment and go through an intentional process in selecting their medium and style for the show.  It’s been really interesting to see many artists cycle through dozens of ideas before landing on their final piece. A lot of the work has become very self-reflective.”

The group’s artists have taken a variety of approaches in exploring the nudity theme. Some exhibitionist, some introspective, some furry, and everything in between.

“During the planning process, we looked at nudity in two senses – tasteful and tasteless, and how problematic that dichotomy actually is. It’s going to be freaky and exciting to see the finished products, especially because most of us have been pushed pretty far outside of our comfort zones.”

ShiftWork was created to showcase talented artists who make their living working day jobs or night shifts, and create in the off hours. Since the spring of 2014, the initially small group has grown and continued to expand its involvement in the community through partnership with other local organizations such as Connexion ARC and Shifty Bits.

NUDES | Connexion Gallery (732 Charlotte St.) | April 10, 2015 7:00pm – April 11, 2015 7:00pm

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