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Local 107.3 FM to host 15th annual Homelessness Marathon


On Wednesday February 22, 2017, Saint John’s Local 107.3 FM will play host to the 15th annual Homelessness Marathon, an overnight broadcast shared by campus and community radio stations coast to coast aimed at helping to foster continued awareness of homelessness in Canadian communities.

“We will be preempting our regular programming schedule to air at least 11 hours of homelessness programming produced both live and recorded from across Canada by multiple stations,” said 107.3 FM Station Manager Brian Cleveland. “In addition, these stations and more will simultaneously broadcast the marathon.”

This year’s marathon will be supported by 17 broadcasters from six provinces with individual segments ranging from 30 minutes to two hours in length covering everything from community struggles and successes in confronting the many issues surrounding homelessness, to interviews and profiles of individuals who have experienced homelessness directly.

Local 107.3 FM has been involved in the broadcast for several years now rebroadcasting programming produced by other stations. This year will mark the station’s first year playing host to the event.

“We have aired the Homelessness Marathon for multiple years, but have previously not had the resources to contribute beyond that,” said Cleveland. “At the 2016 National Campus & Community Radio Conference in Ottawa in June, we submitted interest in hosting in 2017. We will also be airing content produced here for the first time.”

This year’s broadcast will begin Wednesday February 22nd, 2017 at 7 p.m. (AST) and run until Thursday, February 23rd at 6 a.m. (AST).

Tune in or stream programming at localfm.ca


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