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Fredericton’s campus/community radio station hopes to encourage students to engage with live music through on-campus performance series.

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CHSR has a long history supporting live music in Fredericton. At one time, the station sponsored practically every all-ages show in the city (and there were several) and in recent years, have hosted a number of different live music performances including the Live in the Blue Lounge series which ran somewhere between 2013 and 2014. But that was probably the last time the station hosted live music with any regularity outside of in-studio and on-air performances.

This week, station manager Erin Bond (Bondo) announced the station would once again play host to live music with a new performance series planned for Tuesday nights in the cozy confines of the station lobby.

“I recognized that there’s a real disconnect between on-campus students and the local music scene, especially since the campus bars are not hosting shows anymore,” said Bond.  “So CHSR is taking the initiative to try to bridge the two back together and host a small concert series in our station lobby.”

The CHSR Lobby Concert Series begins September 19 at 7 p.m. and will run for six weeks.

“Hopefully it will encourage students to go out to live music venues and see the amazing talent our city has to offer.”

All performances will be offered free of charge.

Upcoming Performances:

September 19th – Saint-Jack | FACEBOOK | TWITTER |  BANDCAMP
September 26th – David In The Dark | WEB | TWITTER | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM
October 3rd – Jane Blanchard | FACEBOOK | BANDCAMP
October 10th – Property// | FACEBOOK | BANDCAMP
October 17th – Brookside Mall | BANDCAMP
October 24th – Chillteens | FACEBOOK | BANDCAMP

Learn more about how you can get involved at the station by visiting

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