Listen to The Pulp #18

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The Pulp returns after a lengthy break.  Episode 18 features lots of new music including tracks from Adam K & His Hired Friends, Simon Daniel and Janowskii. 

Holy frig. It’s been a while. Please excuse our tardiness and all that. Episode 18 is up and ready to be heard. Tune in. Tell a friend. Share. Support. Enjoy!


Track Listing:

Adam K & His Hired Friends | actual cop
Buy the EP:…d-im-dancing

Motherhood | Pick of the Pugs
Buy the track:…ugs-single

Janowskii | Did
Buy the album:

Young Satan in Love | Valhalla
Buy the album:

Colony Recording Club | Cycle 1 (ride)
Buy the album:

Simon Daniel | Nightcrawler
Buy the single or pre-order the album:

Usse | Hegemony
Buy the single:

Verses | Drowned
Buy the album:

The Easley Quartet | The Duel
Buy the album:

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