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This month we review several new New Brunswick releases for 2018 including music by Sutble, Joyful Noise, Young Satan in Love, Cusser and more. 

This month we’re dedicating the entire program to new New Brunswick released over the past month or so. And there’s a lot of it. We’ve actually received notes about so many new releases that we weren’t sure how to fit them all in. This might end up being a two-part exploration of spring releases. Who knows. For now, let’s check out some new sounds from Subtle, WROTE, Young Satan in Love, Cusser, Leaving Carlisle, Joyful Noise, Cloud Ruins, Paranerd and Stephen Hero. 

Track Listing:

Subtle – Orphan – 2:16
Buy the Album:

WROTE – Chameleons – 3:45
Buy the Album:

Young Satan In Love – Viral Sensation – 2:38
Buy the Album:…-sensation

Cusser – Buried Alive – 2:27
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Leaving Carlisle – Coming Down – 2:46
Buy the Album:

Joyful Noise – Gimmie D’dart – 7:50
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Cloud Ruins – Carco Pollo – 2:05
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Paranerd – Neuropark – 6:10
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Stephen Hero – Oughts – 3:04
Buy the Album:…t-penelope-2

Additional Links:

Listen to the latest from Subtle:…from-subtle/

WROTE releases debut EP

New Music: Joyful Noise deliver quirky fun with ‘Cocoloco’…-with-cocoloco/

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