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Fredericton rapper Josh The Killer’s new single, Coffee House Freestyle, is rooted in some of his earliest performances.

Recorded in one take, Coffee House Freestyle is the brand new single from Nigeria born rapper Josh Okorie, who has been performing as JTK since arriving in Canada in 2013. Originally written in 2015, JTK has been performing this track live for years, and says he has always been blown away by the positive reaction it got from crowds. But it wasn’t until the passing of a close relative got him thinking about his music in a new way that he decided to give this live-only track a proper recording.

“After that happened, I started retrospecting a lot and revisiting old tracks,” said Okorie. “At one point, I realized that I’ve been disrespecting the time I’m lent on earth by not putting those records out and giving people a chance to hear them. That’s why I’ve chosen to record some older songs, and Coffee House Freestyle is the first of them to come out. In the near future, I think I may compile them into a mixtape and just release them all.”

Coffee House Freestyle moves with ease above a beat and melody that is decidedly lighter in mood than many of his previous albums and singles. There is a strong sense of positivity throughout this song’s 2:35 run time and may perhaps be an indicator of what is to come from future JTK releases. 

Okorie moved to Canada in 2013 to attend university and since then has released a steady stream of singles and covers.


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