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Dad Patrol are quickly becoming one of the region’s most prolific bands with the release of ‘Yellow’, their fourth new release of 2020.

Matt Carter

After months with no local shows, festivals or live performances of any kind, music fans everywhere have been reconnecting with their personal collections, rediscovering old favourites and unearthing forgotten albums acquired “back in the day” when going to a venue to see a band play was a common occurrence. Streaming services have also become a lifeline for many, offering both convenience and a surefire way to discover new sounds. So while playing live isn’t a thing many bands are currently able to do, there are no barriers to stop the release of new music. In fact, some may argue there is no better time to be releasing new music than right now.

Fredericton’s Dad Patrol have been making the most of their 2020 so far by releasing a steady stream of new music that began in February with the release of the four song EP, Dad Jokes, followed by the singles Quarantine Song, Realistically and now, Yellow.

Since debuting in October of 2019, Dad Patrol have been continuously shaping their own mix of unpredictable pop-infused indie rock that blends elements of emo, math-core and post-punk to form catchy, loosely delivered hooks full of excitement and energy. Dad Patrol may just be the ideal cure for this year’s musically depressed and deprived.

Band members Gregor Dobson, Zachary Pelletier and Jonathan Marino grew up playing music together, a process which began in middle school but finds its roots even earlier.

“We literally all met when we were five,” said Zachary Pelletier, who plays guitar, bass, keys, and also handles backing vocals and production on the band’s recordings. “We’re all from Quispamsis and we went to Lakefield Elementary School together. Jonny and I grew up like two houses away from each other. I think we started playing music together for the first time around 2014 when we were finishing middle school.  We’re all 20 now so like, it’s definitely been a minute.”

The band’s new single, Yellow, is taken from the forthcoming EP, Yellow Phase, expected to arrive later this year.


Band photo by Brayden LeBlanc. 

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