Listen to the Best Song of 2022

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Mike Trask and Julie Aubé start the year off with the duet, Love on the Rise. 

Matt Carter 

Let’s talk about love songs for a minute. More specifically, let’s talk about duet love songs. When it comes to communicating emotion – the root purpose of every love song ever written –  it’s one thing to listen to someone share their side of the story, but love is a two-way street. And for my ears and occasional tears, hearing a love story told by a pair of voices just lifts the concept to a whole new level. 

To start off the year as only they can, celebrated New Brunswick songwriter Mike Trask and renowned francophone singer Julie Aubé have paired up to share a bare-bones, our-hearts-are-here-on-the-kitchen-table rendition of Trask’s, Love on the Rise.

Trask’s words often carry more than one message. He’s a master of innuendo and word play, and as he has proven in the past, love, and songs about love can either go deep or simply skip across the surface and still carry unexpected weight. And sometimes, both. With Love on the Rise, its lyrical poetry and basic accompaniment, Trask and Aubé channel all the sincerity of a Johnny and June ballad or a Steve and Emmylou tear jerker with perhaps in miniscule touch of Kenny and Dolly thrown in for the season.

Start your year off right. Start your year with Love on the Rise.  

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