Listen to Julie Aubé’s new album, Contentement

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Contentement blends familiar country and pop formulas with Aubé’s undeniable sense of nostalgic time and place to craft a flawless album that demands (and commands) attention.

Matt Carter

Moncton songwriter Julie Aubé has a new album out. Contentement follows up her stunning debut Joie de vivre further exploring a sound that blends familiar country and pop formulas with Aubé’s undeniable sense of nostalgic time and place. This combination makes for an interesting listen. While Contentement sounds fresh and contemporary, it also yields a timeless quality that conjures up all the flares, wide collars, paisley patterns and retro goodness that are as much a part of Aubé’s image as they are representations of an era that commands influence over her music and songwriting. 

Aided by a long list of collaborators that include Mico Roy, Adam Mowery, Matthew Gallant, Katrine Noel, Kevin McIntyre, it is Aubé’s creative partnership with engineer and musician Mike Trask that helps to capture and further define the sound she has become known for. Trask’s ear for vintage tone plays a big part in shaping the album’s overall identity. 

But above the colorful tones, the endless flow of lazy licks, and carefully structured mixes that give each of the album’s eleven songs a distinct character all their own sits Aubé voice. Confident, strong, pure and crystal clear, her delivery makes Contentement an easily accessible and thoroughly enjoyable listen. 

There are so many standout songs on this record it is impossible to pick a favourite. If you’re someone who skims for ”the hits”, I’d recommend giving proper attention to Étrangère, Le temps des mûres and La lune de ma planète and listen. But as much as these three songs hint towards the variety on Contentement and the range of Aubé’s voice, this really is a full album experience. A flawless listen, rich in contemporary nostalgia front to back. Bravo! 


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