Listen to Honey Gut’s new single, ‘Something’s Gotta Give’.

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With a full album on the way, Honey Gut explores the beauty in darkness with their latest single. 

Matt Carter 

One of the greatest things about music in the digital age is the ability every musician has to share their work with the world. Not that long ago, cassettes and burnt CDs were the only cost effective way for a new musician or group to get their music out beyond the stage. Over time, these short-run releases would eventually fade into their own histories, packed up inside boxes of old-format media or lost entirely. But thanks to the internet and artist friendly services like Bandcamp, a group’s entire creative output can now exist as an ever-growing archive, all neatly housed in one convenient location.  

For five years now, Josh Sangster and Olivier LeBlanc have been sharing their music as Honey Gut, a few songs at a time. With sixteen singles now available through the group’s Bandcamp page, curious listeners can easily go back and follow the group’s growth and evolution, song by song, to hear how these two musicians (and a few occasional collaborators) have found their voices both as individuals and as a collective. 

In the leadup to releasing their forthcoming debut full-length album, Honey Gut have just released Something’s Gotta Give, a song that touches on the overwhelming weight of the world and all the questions that come with it. The arrangement is sparse with minimal accompaniment supporting Sangster’s voice in a way that heightens the mood and tone of his words. The result is a fulfilling exploration of beauty in darkness from a duo who have confidently shared their development with audiences from day one. 

Watch for their full length album coming soon. 


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