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Six New Brunswick bands Montreal-bound as part Quality Block Party 1.3

Matt Carter

I can’t help but smile every time I read something about Quality Block Party. It hasn’t even been a year yet since the QBP team rallied their first lineup of 50+ bands – almost all from New Brunswick – and staged a complete takeover of Saint John’s uptown district during East Coast Music Week. And if that wasn’t enough, they did it again just four months later.  Guided by their collective belief in the music that’s happening here and now, right under our noses, the QBP family are taking New Brunswick music to the masses, an ambassadorship that now extends beyond our borders.

This week, six bands from the province travelling under the QBP banner will bring a little East Coast edge to La Belle Province as part of Pop Montreal’s 2017 programming, celebrating the diverse (and lesser known) sounds that have always been a strong component of our sonic identity.

“Certainly the hardest part of this event was figuring out who to invite,” said QBP’s Peter Rowan, who coincidentally also helped found Pop Montreal and the Halifax Pop Explosion.  “We have such a plethora of incredibly talented artists here in New Brunswick right now. It’s actually overwhelming.”

Quality Block Party 1.3 will see Tooth & The Fang, WROTE, S.H.R.I.M.P. Ring, Young Satan In Love, The Hypochondriacs, and Little You-Little Me join with Ontario’s Heart Attack Kids for a full day of #bringingtheugly at 356 Avenue Du Mont Royale, in Montreal.

“We’re super grateful for Pop Montreal for offering us a stage,” said Rowan.  “It’s nice to be noticed and we think we’re a representative of a really special and thriving community that doesn’t always get the attention it deserves.

“On Friday we’ll get to see just how many New Brunswicker’s are in Montreal these days,” he said,  “and if we’re lucky maybe a stray ‘industry professional’ or a few ‘locals’ might come by too and help spread the word. The show demonstrates just how diverse and deep our talent pool is, so we’ll keep #takinguglyontheroad and maybe someday more of our artists can get Quality shows in their own hometowns.”

Meet the Quality Block Party 1.3 Artists:


Quality Block Party 1.3 | POP Montreal | 56 Avenue Du Mont Royale | 8 p.m. | $8 | View Event


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