Kylie Fox officially shares first new single from forthcoming album

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Produced by Daniel Ledwell, Fox’s latest single Confetti offers a first glimpse of what’s to come from her upcoming album, Sequoia.

Matt Carter 

Fredericton-based singer songwriter Kylie Fox has reached a pivotal point in her music career. After making her introduction with the BalconyEP in 2017, Fox recruited EMCA award winning producer Dale Murray to create her claimed debut full-length album, Green. Now firmly established as a prominent, emerging voice in both folk and indie rock circles in Atlantic Canada, her next moves may be her most important. To help plot her course, Fox enlisted some of the Fredericton region’s most ubiquitous and sought after musicians. For the past few years she has been backed by a dream team of local players that includes multi-instrumentalist Kelly Waterhouse, drummer Ryan Barrie, bassist Camilo Villamizar, and lead guitarist Sean Hutchins, all four of which are featured alongside Fox and producer by Daniel Ledwell on her latest single. 

Confetti is a one sided, scornful love song with an awkward twist. “This song is actually a fairy tale break-up I stole from one of my friends,” said Fox of the inspiration behind writing the song. “She got a text on NYE from a long-forgotten ex stating that in some alternate universe they would still be together. I thought it was a pretty selfish way to pop in and say, “remember me?” 

With a powerful, driving waltz rhythm building to the song’s climactic line, “There is no alternate universe for us, babe,” Confetti lifts Fox confidently into the next stage in her journey, backed by a team of music makers any musician would be lucky to have in their corner. 

Confetti was released on major streaming platforms April 1. 


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