Kylie Fox announces fall tour dates

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Fox’s ‘Grampy’s Lexus Tour’ will be her first major solo tour through Ontario and Quebec.

Matt Carter
Photo by Nienke Izurieta

After spending her third summer planting trees in the Canadian backwoods, Kylie Fox is once again making time for music and will be heading out on her first major solo tour beginning November 8 in Bristol, NB.

“This is my first big solo tour,” said Fox, who played a series of dates earlier this year with a trio under the name Kylie Fox and the Hound. “There is nothing like playing with a band and sharing and creating in the onstage energy and with the crowd, but there’s also something really special with more singer songwriter-esque sets where I can tell stories and the atmosphere is more intimate and personal.”

Fox is one of a growing number of musicians to recently partner with Fredericton-based artist management and promotion company Roots and Soul Music Promotions.

“Eddie Young of Roots and Soul has set up the tour and has found some great local artists for me to play with at some really great venues,” said Fox.

Fox has been frequently performing throughout the Maritimes over the past few years winning over audiences with her folk-inspired songwriting, tongue-in-check lyrics and her stand-up quality sense of humour.

Her upcoming Grampy’s Lexus Tour includes 10 shows throughout Ontario and Quebec bookended by a pair of dates at home in New Brunswick.

“I inherited my grandfather’s Lexus a while back and have developed a very personal relationship with it,” said Fox. “When my grandfather was alive he played exclusively bagpipe music in it. I have a suitcase of CDs in the back and an ugly furry troll thing named Hugo hanging from the mirror that every new passenger has to introduce themselves to. I trust Grampy’s Lexus will keep me safe, even in scary Montreal traffic.”

The tour will also mark the one year anniversary of Fox’s debut release, Balcony EP.

While she currently has no immediate plans to start work on a new album, Fox admits to having plenty of new songs on the go, one or two of which may surface in the months ahead.

“I spent the summer tree planting for my third season and I always get a new batch of songs from that, simply because I’m alone in my tent with a guitar a lot and spend most of the planting day coming up with ideas in my head,” she said. “I aim to start recording again in early 2020 and spend most of the time until then relentlessly touring.”


Upcoming Performances: 

Nov. 8 | Bristol, NB | A.C. Sharkey’s Pub
Nov. 9-10 | 10th Tadoussac, QC | L’Auberge de Jeunesse
Nov. 11 | Montreal, QC | Quai de Brumes
Nov. 12 | Montreal, QC | Barfly
Nov. 13 | Ottawa, ON | Bar Robo
Nov. 14 | Kingston, ON | Musiiki
Nov. 19 | Orillia, ON | The Brownstone Cafe
Nov. 20 | Oshawa, ON | The Atria
Nov. 23 | Chatham, ON | Elephant’s Nest
Nov. 25 | Toronto, ON | Village Vinyl Cafe
Nov. 26 | Montreal, QC | Grumpy’s
Nov. 28 | Perth Andover, NB | Railcar Brewery


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