Killarney Lake Park and Fredericton Botanic Garden host artists this week

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Fredericton’s Summer Artist in Residence program continues with Gary Crosby and Somayeh (Somi) Soltanizadeh.

Artist Gary Crosby will be working in Killarney Lake Park until July 23.

The City of Fredericton’s Summer Artist in Residence program returns to the outdoors! From June 28 – September 3, seventeen artists will move from their studios to the outdoors to work “en plein air” for two-week residencies.  From July 12 – 23, find woodcarver Gary Crosby at Killarney Lake Park and textile designer Somayeh (Somi) Soltanizadeh in the Fredericton Botanic Garden at Odell Park. Visitors can see artists in person while abiding by public health guidelines. For daily updates and weekly events, follow the artists’ social media listed below, or find more information on the City of Fredericton’s website

Gary Crosby began exploring woodworking when he was deployed with the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) to West Germany in 1984. He studied the craft with local carvers and would continue to do so around the world for over 30 years afterwards. Since departing from the CAF, Gary has turned his attention to designing and woodcarving full time. Areas he explores in his art include climate change, wildlife, ecological diversity, architectural carvings, garden and functional art, as well as epoxy and carving art. During the residency, Gary will create white cedar post carvings that explore the connection between humans and our ecosystems. He will host livestreams and Q&As online.


Somayeh (Somi) Soltanizadeh is a textile artist originally from Isfahan, Iran, who works with knitting, crocheting, embroidery, beadwork, and fashion design. Since coming to Canada, Somayeh has further developed her craft in fashion creation, expanding on the tradition she learned from her mother. She creates handbags using unique fabrics and patterns. During the residency, Somayeh will explore her craft through the unique materials, aesthetics, forms, colors, and motifs found in the gardens. Weekly demonstrations will take place online along with daily updates.

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