Keegan & The Vandalorians – Album release show this Saturday

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The debut full-length from Keegan & The Vandalorians is out now. Join the band in celebrating the release of The Middle of the Day this weekend at Grimross Brewing.

Matt Carter 

Up until this week it was looking like Marion’s debut album Hit Record would be a shoo-in for Fredericton’s best rock album of the year. Now I’m not so sure. Following last week’s debut release from Keegan & The Vandalorians, it appears there is room for (at least) two great rock albums from Fredericton this year. The Middle of the Day is full of a lot of the same things I love about Hit Record. It’s got hooks for days, sick licks, and an all encompassing down-tempo vibe that surrounds the entire collection.  

Keegan & The Vandalorians are Keegan Dobbelsteyn (guitar and vocals), Olivier LeBlanc (bass and vocals) and James Rooney (drums). All three musicians are known collaborators working with several city bands over the past few years including Colin Fowlie’s band The Humble Few. 

The Middle of the Day isn’t a typical rock album, and that is a big part of what gives it that ‘stand out’ quality, making it unique among 2022’s many releases. The album is sequenced in a way that builds continuously over its eight song, 31 minute running time. Sauntering out of the gate at a leisurely pace with the opener, Staring into the Sun – a song that finds its strength through a sum of all parts as opposed to flash and flare – the opener plots a path for the listener defined by lyrics that pull you in and keep your attention while the music shifts between comforting, familiar rhythms and feels. My favourite track: Voice Is Like A Song

Join the band in celebrating the release of their debut this Saturday at Grimross Brewing. And if you feel like making a weekend out of it, you can catch My Black Ram performing Friday. 

Keegan & The Vandalorians -album release show | w/ Blaire Nicolle | November 26 | Grimross Brewing Co. | 7 p.m. | View Event 

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