Introducing: PainSaw

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Members of Spinesplitter, Hard Charger and a host of other loud locals will make their live debut as PainSaw this Saturday at The Cap. 

Matt Carter 

You think you know East Coast music? Think again.

PainSaw, the latest in a long line of city screamers, will introduce its brand of thrash inspired madness to the masses this Saturday with a show at The Cap. Uniting members of several city thrash, metal and hardcore bands including Spinesplitter, Hard Charger, The Rocking Argentos, Green Lung Grinders, Heatseeker and others, the members of PainSaw are well versed in the loud, hard and fast categories. 

In advance of this week’s live debut, the band has shared its first single, Sacrificial Fist, off the forthcoming EP, Infinite Violence, due out later this year. 

Painsaw is: 
Vocals – Shawn (Hard Charger, Spinesplitter, Heatseeker, Helm)
Guitar – Bruce (Spinesplitter, Green Lung Grinders, Gravel Chewer)
Bass – Shawz (Gravel Chewer, Spinesplitter)
Drums – Brian Davis (Spinesplitter, The Rocking Argentos, Cobra Jets)

Upcoming Performance:

May 21 | The Cap | Fredericton, NB w/ Frig Dancer, Heat Seeker, and Scumlord | View event


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