Hyperloop Theatre Makes Debut This Month

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Space Girl, an interactive digital play, will be live streamed from the Fredericton Playhouse on February 26. 

Matt Carter

Playwright Jean-Michel Cliche has been developing his play Space Girl for some time now. Through the process he’s watched the production grow from its very DIY origins as part of last year’s NotaBle Acts Theatre Festival, to a fully realized stage production, thanks in part to the support received from the Fredericton Playhouse’s InterMISSION Series, a paid artist residency program that provided rehearsal space and technical assistance to artists from the local community.  

In addition to further developing the play over the past six months, Cliche, together with Fredericton-based sound and light guru Trent Logan, formed Hyperloop Theatre, a company dedicated to digital storytelling for a theatre audience. Space Girl is their first production.

“I know everyone is eager to get back to that familiar theatre format, but I am personally finding working outside of the norm to be very freeing,” said Cliche, in last month’s feature introducing his vision for the company. “For me, it’s given me the opportunity to explore and create in a way that would be too risky or experimental in the Before Time’s theatre. In many ways, my hope is that Hyperloop will be a place where myself and other artists can do the unconventional work many of us are enjoying right now.”

Hyperloop Theatre will make its debut on February 26 with a live streamed performance of Space Girl hosted by Fredericton Playhouse. Tickets are now on sale.

Space Girl | February 26 | 7:30 p.m. | Buy Tickets


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