More House Concerts Coming to New Brunswick

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Winnipeg-based Home Routes/Chemin Crez Nous announce plans to extend tour network to Atlantic Canada.

Colin McKay

Winnipeg-based Home Routes/Chemin Crez Nous house concert network have announced plans to expand into Atlantic Canada in 2018. For the past decade the organization has been pairing artists with home presenters throughout much of Western Canada, contributing to more than 7000 performances in nearly 1500 locations before an estimated 200,000 music lovers.

In addition to this planned network expansion, Home Routes also plans to broaden its reach in 2018, moving beyond the singer/songwriter performances commonly associated with the house concert experience.

Home Routes made the decision following a recent trip East to attend Nova Scotia Music Week this past November.

“Nova Scotia Music week was an eye opening…ear opening experience,” said Home Routes Executive Director Leonard Podolak in a January 24 announcement. “Not only was I blown away by the variety of talent – not to mention the level – but also to witness the experience of young bands playing all kinds of music from Hip-Hop and Rap, to Rock’n’Roll and Pop singer songwriter, as well as artists in the Folk tradition. We love all great music, so along with the traditional Home Routes Tours featuring acoustic folk music, our overall goal is to expand our network into more music genres, making it truly representative of the diverse Canadian music scene.”

Home Routes is a non-profit organization funded through a combination of government funding, individual donations and corporate sponsorship. According to the organization’s website, Home Routes collects a 15% commission from artists following their tours. No fees are paid to the presenter.

Home Routes has received praise from several past/current clients including PEI’s Meaghan Blanchard, who credits the organization for its hard work in supporting both the artist and the music.

“I cannot say enough about the amazing Home Routes experiences that I have been so lucky to have over the years,” she said. “The Home Routes team out of Winnipeg works so hard to put the artists and the music first, and that is such an incredible thing. Artists feel this love, and so do the audiences.”

Home Routes’ book performances across two tour seasons: September to December and February to April.

“These tours allow artists like myself to cultivate new fans and friends across the country during the typical off season, while visiting towns and areas we might not get to on a typical theatre tour,” said Blanchard. “I have loved meeting the host families, and have kept in touch with a number of them over the years! It’s a beautiful way to experience music.”

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