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Following a highly successful series of winter workshops, Fredericton’s improv ambassadors have announced a new multi-level improv training program.

Matt Carter

There is never a dull moment with the Hot Garbage Comedy Collective. If they are not on stage delivering side-splitting comedy shows or live-action roll play adventures, they are most likely plotting and planning their next exciting move.

Following a highly successful 8-week winter workshop series exploring the fundaments of improvisation, the Hot Garbage crew have announced plans to take things one step further by expanding their training to include classes for performers of all levels.

“Last winter we held our first-ever improv class, titled Improv 101,” said HGCC’s Jean-Michel Cliche. “We had been wanting to do classes for a while, and this was a way for us to gauge interest in the community. The class was a huge success. It filled up immediately. The course itself was a blast, both for us and the participants. The feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive. Even before the 8-week course ended, students were asking us ‘what’s next? Is there another level? How do we keep doing more?’”.

Based on the overwhelming level of interest they received, HGCC will be launching a new series of classes beginning this summer at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre.

“We’ve decided to create our own improv training program through Hot Garbage, divided into three levels; Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced,” said Cliche. “Beginner will be very similar to the Improv 101 class we did in the winter, which was a really fun and relaxed introduction to improv comedy. Intermediate and Advanced are designed as upper-level classes for students who want to dig deeper into performance and improv techniques.”

Registration is now open for both Beginner and Intermediate classes which will run from late June to mid-August. 

“We’re really excited to be bringing more improv to the community and are looking forward to playing with new folks!”

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