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Project 45 – Volume 1 is the debut release by the Fredericton project, Honey Gut.

a1281857609_10-1Following the time-tested format of releasing singles (with an A and a B side), members Josh Sangster and Olivier LeBlanc decided to make their debut by sharing two songs as a digital 45 in the spirit of the 7” single, without the enormous cost.

The duo plan to release a steady stream of material through Project 45 and currently have several new songs in various forms, awaiting completion.  According to LeBlanc, there is a certain freedom in releasing music a few songs at a time, as the process allows more opportunity for experimentation.  And for two guys who enjoy what a little studio magic can do for their music, it’s the perfect approach.

“Late last year we went to the studio with Jessy Forsyth mixing and producing and Evan Ferguson on drums,” said LeBlanc. “We now have ten or twelve studio tracks at various stages of completion. The intent was originally to make an album.  Since then, we’ve made a shift to releasing a couple of songs at a time. I think that this releases us from having to keep a constant sound or theme.  We can explore a little bit more and every release can really represent where we are right now instead of six months ago.”

The A side of this release features the track, Young One, and could easily draw comparisons to Quebec-era Ween in the way it’s both orchestrated and delivered. There is a strong experimental feel that carries the music along. Lots of effects and well placed overdubs.  The flip side is a demo version of the song Shine. Both tracks combine to make a solid introduction.

Although they have played live a handful of times, Honey Gut is primarily a studio project, at least for the time being.

“While the heart of our project has really been recording,” said LeBlanc. “We’d certainly like to play some more, either as a duo or maybe even as a band.  Who knows, we may electrify the whole thing at some point. We’d likely need to find a drummer and possibly a third multi-instrumentalist to really do the songs justice in that form, but I think that it would be interesting.”

LeBlanc and Sangster plan to release the next instalment of Project 45 later this month. Stay tuned.

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